Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pasta Puttanesca

Um, yeah, it's the same word as "puta" in Spanish. Easy one pot thing (not counting the pasta) and covers anything you may already have on your breath. The classic version says sautee some chopped Kalamata olives in butter, add garlic and anchovies, then add the pasta to heat it through, then finish with a handful of Parmasan.

Well danm me but I was fresh out of olives and anchovies. (I eat the olives nekkid, with that potato omel from last week, and usually have anchovy paste on hand for, well, I really can't remember.)

So, butter melts, add a big handful of cooked chopped bacon (we talked about it earlier), big dollop of garlic (seriously, I now resent the time I wasted chopping garlic. Now I just get it in a big squeeze bottle like ketchup. It's cheaper and easier.) Add a couple handfuls of cooked pasta - I'd done up rotini, but anything works. When the pasta starts to sizzle, dump in a bunch of Parm, toss a couple times, shove it into a bowl and eat. Actually, the bowl part is optional, but if you retain any dreams of a love life I suggest you not eat from the skillet.

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