Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fill Your Fridge

Fill it full of ice water if you must. That damn box is costing you about $20 per month for the electric bill, and that's if it's empty. A full fridge costs maybe $5.

Get yourself some stuff that freezes well. You know what freezes well? Frozen Veggies!

Mixed Veg, peas & carrrots, Colonel Corn (for those of us coming out of the military), 3Pepper and Onion! All this stuff is available at my personal local Kroger / Randalls / HEB/ anything other than a damn ghetto grocery for under a buck per packet.

You know what else freezes well? IQF stuff! I mean it stands for Individually Quick Frozen, but did you realize that restaurants are allowed to call it "Fresh"?

Huh. Didn't think you did. In the case of fish and other seafood, we're talking about 45 minutes before that yummie yummie sushie becomes salmonsicles. Yay for us! That wonderful piece of fish that you shared with your girlfriend because you couldn't afford two entrees was probably IQF. Same with the scallops and the shrimp. Lord knows I hate to say so, but as a lifetime resident of the Gulf Coast I have to tell you that live shrimp are superior only when used as bait.

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